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PIR Insulation Board Specialists Delivery across the UK.

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We are a family run business based in Yorkshire but deliver our high quality PIR insulation Delivery across the UK. Our insulation range starts at 25mm and our largest thickness is 165mm, please get in touch with a member of our team on 07860 364525 for prices and delivery options!

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  • We also stock insulated plasterboard, cavity bats & rockwall
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Xtratherm Thin-R range is a high performance foil faced Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation with a certified thermal conductivity as Low as 0.022 W/mK. Thin-R is also available with engineered jointing to provide improved continuity and thermal bridging performance.

Choose PIR insulation sheets for your project, popular and efficient for insulating pitched and flat roofs, cavity walls, and timber frame wall linings. We stock PIR insulation sheets with plasterboard pre-bonded to insulate and retaining clips to hold the sheets firmly in place.

PIR boards are the most popular type of rigid insulation boards currently available. They are closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation, that are primarily used on the roofs, walls and floors of domestic housing, offices, retail and industrial warehousing facilities and educational premisses, to name but a few.

10 reasons to use PIR Insulation

PIR provides excellent insulation

With a lambda value of 0.022 PIR provides the best insulation available on the market. Only Resol insulation scores higher in terms of insulation, but is inferior in terms of pressure and humidity resistance and ease of application.

PIR is thin

Because of its high insulation value PIR saves a huge amount of space, as less material is required to attain the same insulation value. To achieve a recommended Rd value of 4.50 a 10 cm PIR insulation layer will suffice. To achieve the same Rd value using insulation made of, for example, EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) you would need an insulation layer of approximately 15 cm.

PIR is light

Weighing 32 kg/m³ PIR is a lightweight insulation material. Mineral wool (or rock wool) for a flat roof on the other hand can weigh more than 120 kg/m³.

Using mineral wool on a 3000m² flat roof weighing 70,000 kg you would need more material than with PIR. You would also require a thickness of 230 mm, instead of 140 mm using PIR, to achieve an Rd value of 6.0. *Calculated using a current lambda value of 0.038 and weight of 120kg/m³ for mineral wool.

PIR is durable

PIR is an exceptionally durable insulation material... Why is that?

PIR insulation is thin. Less material results in lighter structures and saves on building materials (e.g. smaller foundations, lightweight roofs, etc.). PIR maintains its performance in the long term. Whilst a building remains fully insulated heating costs are kept under control, which also results in reduced CO2 emissions. The durability of PIR insulation has a positive impact on the life cycle analysis (LCA) of a building project. PIR manufacturing plants have low CO2 emissions and they also recycle waste.

PIR is easy to combine

PIR insulation can easily be combined with different finishes within various applications in the building structure. On a flat roof, for example, you could opt for bitumen roofing, either torch applied, self adhesive or mechanically secured. PVC and EPDM pose no problem either.

PIR is dimensionally stable

The MCT (Micro Cell Technology) in IKO enertherm PIR insulation makes our insulation boards dimensionally stable. The boards don’t shrink and the tongue and groove system guarantees wind and water tightness.

PIR is humidity proof

Fluctuating temperatures and a high level of precipitation are common in Western and Northern Europe. PIR does not absorb moisture and consequently retains its original weight and insulation value.

PIR is walkable and pressure resistant

When installing PIR insulation on a flat roof, roofers can be happy in the knowledge that PIR insulation boards will retain their shape when they stand on them or walk across them. Once installed, maintenance service personnel can also access the roof, e.g. to maintain solar panels, air conditioning and other technical installations. The ‘walkability’ of PIR insulation guarantees its insulation value and quality in all the above situations.

This is critical because a damaged insulation board will lose some of its insulation value. In some cases where insulation boards are indented roof membranes may even tear (particularly when secured mechanically) resulting in water ingress.

PIR is user friendly

Spare a thought for the people who have to apply it!

PIR is light
PIR is particularly easy to
PIR creates virtually no dust
PIR does not cause itching
PIR is very easy to install
PIR has a high ‘walkability’ value

PIR complies with fire regulations

PIR generates little or no smoke, does not melt or drip. In fact PIR insulation is equal to non flammable insulation materials (such as mineral wool) in its end use application.



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